Radicalized Youth

Orlando Garage Rock Band

Majoring in Nothing

I don't wanna grow up ever
I wanna graduate never
Me and my friends
We think we’re so

I don't wanna graduate ever
I wanna go to school forever
Me and my friends
We think we’re

I don't wanna be my parents ever
I want to graduate never
The only class war I know
Is when I enroll

Sad daD

Billy wanted knowledge
Couldn't get no college
Now he’s a government slave

Higher education
Further aspirations
Than workin for a living wage
World is getting colder
Just like billys shoulder
Gone are the salad days
Billy was a riot
But he couldnt hide it
All that is sound and rage

Bombs and buildings
Women and children
Lying and killing
1 against the 99
And 98 dont care

Jimmy was a soldier
No he’s getting older
At the mercy of the V.A. 
Over medicated
Wants to feel sedated
Looking for an easy way
Jimmy's gonna fixed that
Went and got a 6 pack
Put a gun in his hand
And the last thing that went through jimmy's mind
Was some kid in afghanistan


Stacy made a killing lyng for a living
Selling people easy breaks
Put you in a bubble
Know you're bound for trouble
Gonna burst any day
Stacy had a nice house
Now shes getting kicked out
Due to the interest rates
The center does not hold
Stacy got cuckold
Kids thats just how it goes



My love says
She don't believe in radio
Cant understand
When the kids are on the stereo
My heart bursts
Open like a kickdrum
The body gets numb
After too many years
And everything
That you ever wanted
The kids applauded
Cause the bad guys bought it
Oh my thrill
Maybe someday will
I don't know

19 OVER 19

Been replaced by tequila
And a new year's resolution
A fool for thinking that
It was more than a dream
Should know better by now

Can't help feeling this way
Can't help falling in love
Can't change what the mind has see
Can't help being in love

A goat and a crab meet each other
In a dessert by the sea
His hooves have crumbled mountains into sand
The crab's beach is endless

Flames burn on the horizon
They themselves are a phoenix
Like infinite circles trampled grass still grows
If i ever learn it never shows


Lived on top of a bar in brooklyn
Lived on top of a bar in Bay Ridge
Brooklyn Bronx and Queens
Manhattan Staten Island

Roamed the streets for the ghost of dylan
Roamed the streets for the spirit of zimmerman
Brooklyn Bronx and Queens
Manhattan Staten Island

Learned the ways of the streets out in Stapleton
Lost a couple of friends in Shaolin
Brooklyn Bronx and Queens
Manhattan Staten Island


Wake up in the morning
Beg and scream for rain
The ones that they adore you
Swear that you've been made
Into some sort of monster
Six eyes and two hearts
When the world it finally broke
The bough it came apart

Everything is wonderful
Everything is fine
Everything is wonderful
True love of mine
If everything's so wonderful
Then why don't i feel fine

majoring in nothing - sad dad - duplex people - 19 over 19 - dab vision on christopher st. - mourning song

Thank you to everyone that has lent an ear, a dollar, or a floor for the night. We love you.